Welcome to Men’s Healthy Sexuality

You are worthy of a healthy and free life.

No matter what your destructive sexual behaviors, your faith walk, or your church attendance, we are excited you are seeking freedom and choosing hope. 

We are a combination of experienced leaders, new guys just figuring it out, and everything in between. 

Join us. It does not matter where you live. You are here for a reason. Begin the journey to becoming a better man.

What Mens Healthy Sexuality is about

We are a group of men who have chosen to bond together to live connected, live sober and live free.

We live free, beyond sober, free of compulsions, free of secrets, free of shame, because we are free to share our needs, to love deeply and to belong.

With increasing moments of joy, we continue to Wake Up, Choose Life, and Live Free.

We hold group meetings on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. eastern time. You can attend as many as you wish.

If you are seeking a group meeting or information about Men’s Healthy Sexuality please send an email to and you will be contacted.